Hello! My name is Daniela Patiño but friends and family call me Nani.
I come from Caracas, the 2016-03-19-18-56-19-01capital of a wonderful country called Venezuela. In October 2014, I left my country and moved to Vienna, Austria.

I considered myself an introvert yet enthusiastic person who’s always looking for new things to do, or learn, and that is also why I decided to move to Vienna. Vienna by itself is an inspiration to me, full of challenges and possibilities.

Why “Mi vida en Viena” ?
I have always been obsessed with Bloggers and YouTubers and have tried to make a blog but did not really work out. I decided to create this blog on January 2016 and right now, I think it is an escape and a challenge to me, where I am going to share my perspectives of Vienna (and some other things) with all of you.

I hope you can join me on this experience and follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin

All pictures on this site are taken by me. Always link back to this website or request permission when using images from Mi vida en Viena.



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