Self reminder

This is a self reminder,
to relax,
to not get anxious over small things,
to stay calm.



This is a self reminder,
to have faith,
to be strong,
To believe everything will be ok.


This is a self reminder,
that you will succeed,
that you are doing well,
and to keep on moving.




Lack of Inspiration

What can you do,
When you have no Inspiration?

Everytime I ask myself this question, I end up with no answer.
I like to think about inspiration as it is more like a feeling, and yet here I am, waiting for ideas and words to come to me.
I am struggling to feel inspired, to get my thoughts into words and to stay focused.
Words do not appear,
even though I know how well they heal.
I wish they would come to me now,
but I really don’t know how.