The quiet one

Being quiet doesn’t mean you don’t have anything to say, in fact, most of the time you have too many things to say but you don’t know exactly how to express it or how to open up to someone.


I have built myself as a closed-quiet person who doesn’t know how to express her thoughts. I somehow tend to isolate myself and don’t share any feelings with others. In some way, I feel your feelings and thoughts are not going to be important to the person you’ll like to open up to. Even with my friends, I tend not to talk too much about me and my crazy thoughts, but this actually only makes everything worst.


The last couple of days I have been feeling angry about a lot of stuff and instead of talking to someone I am being quiet and writing about it. I feel so anxious and sad and the fact that I can’t find the way to talk to someone it makes me sad. It is like a waste of time and energy and it makes me feel so tired of myself.


This is why I realized I  need some changes in my life, desperately, to go out of the awfulness that I am feeling this days and stop living  by others expectation.


Photos were taken at the Alte donau by me.


6 thoughts on “The quiet one

  1. NinaV says:

    Take a leap of faith, I did and believe me, you won’t regret it. What’s the worse that can happen? If you do, don’t forget to write and post about it! Good luck ❤️


  2. Missblitz says:

    You just should take some time to breathe deeply in such beautiful places as the ones you take the pictures of, and start relativizing and thinking that life shouldnt be taken too seriously… as a matter of fact you are not going to get away alive from it! 😛 Just smile, keep writing because what you do its inspiring, and surround yourself by positive persons, and share a little! Im sure the real friends will be happy about it.

    Kisses :*


  3. Laura says:

    Thank you for this honest post! I think most uf us can relate to your feelings – at least I do.
    Sharing your story and realizing that you want to change something is already the first step towards a “new you”. However, along the path I think its really important to be kind and loving to yourself. Being the shy and quiet one is not necessarily something bad (very often the quite ones are the ones with the greatest depht) and you are already working on the part of your shyness that you dont like. So embrace who you are and trust in the process that`s gonna lead you to a happier life where you will confidently stand up for yourself. Sending you good vibes and sunshine 🙂


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