The old me and my new beginning

Have you ever find yourself wondering what is holding you back from the life you truly want to live?

I have to admit I have this good but also destructive thing where I think too much. Sometimes I over think every little problem until it becomes scarier or bigger than it actually is.


Even though, I consider myself a positive person -most of the time-, there are moments where I overthink the positive things until they stop looking so positive or moments where I tend to analyze and over analyze the things that happen to me, making it hard sometimes to enjoy the moment when they happen.


Overthinking can also be a great thing, I think the problem is when you start becoming a constant over thinker and begin to block and stress yourself of the things that happen to you or around you.  I know I overthink a lot, most of the time I try to stop thinking for a moment, but it does not always work.


I have so many dreams, goals and things I want to achieve and do, but somehow I have held myself back all this years from all the stuff I want, with the constant thinking and analyzing. Right now, I am trying to improve and add new habits to my daily life that would help me live a fearfless life, this blog is one of this ways to start having the life I want and stop overthinking.


5 thoughts on “The old me and my new beginning

  1. luisaurasoares says:

    I spend all my time doing the same, i’m always overthinking everything. I think that it’s a way to protect ourselves but at the same time we are always feeling bad thinking things that maybe didn’t have sense


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