Pure Living Bakery

The pure living bakery is a very nice place for drinking good coffees, eating delicious crumbles and bagels and just spending some quality time with friends. I’m really into sweet things and here you will find nice cakes and cookies.

As soon as you enter the place, it feels friendly and relaxed. The interior is an awesome, mixed, vintage place. I tried several sweet delights, from cakes and cupcakes to pies and milkshakes. All were excellent and the coffee is pretty good as well. They draw different shapes on the coffee foam, which is cute.

Pure Living Bakery is perfect to delve into a good book, take time out, contemplate the meaning of life, or just catch up with an old friend and simply enjoy a delicious treat.

The young guys and girls at the counter are super friendly. I have highly recommended this place to everybody and have been there with my friends often since I was there the first time.

If you have the chance to visit this coffee house, don’t forget to share your experience with me! πŸ™‚


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