Kaffee von Sascha

A few months ago I was meeting some friends for a coffee and we decided to go to this little, yet cozy place called Kaffe von Sascha in Vienna’s 5th district.

It was, without a doubt, one of the nicest place and hosts I have met. The barista made us feel really welcomed as she was smiling and chatting with us. The Cafe has a nice and mixed decoration even though it only has 4 tables.

The coffee they have is always fresh roasted and it is absolutely delicious!. The owner of this place, Sascha, won 3rd place on the Barista championship of austria 2016. Besides this, you will also find a variety of sweets including “goriscky” made by Nina, one of the hosts of the Cafe.

Since I discovered this place a few months ago, it has become one of my favorites coffee break location. I go there almost every week with my friends to have a relaxing and enjoyable coffee.

This is a place you must definitely visit, so if you do, don’t forget to try de Goriscky and to share your experience with me!


Self reminder

This is a self reminder,
to relax,
to not get anxious over small things,
to stay calm.



This is a self reminder,
to have faith,
to be strong,
To believe everything will be ok.


This is a self reminder,
that you will succeed,
that you are doing well,
and to keep on moving.



Lack of Inspiration

What can you do,
When you have no Inspiration?

Everytime I ask myself this question, I end up with no answer.
I like to think about inspiration as it is more like a feeling, and yet here I am, waiting for ideas and words to come to me.
I am struggling to feel inspired, to get my thoughts into words and to stay focused.
Words do not appear,
even though I know how well they heal.
I wish they would come to me now,
but I really don’t know how.




How do I?

How do I feel so lost,
In a city I know so well.

How do I feel so empty,
Surrounded by so many.

How do I feel so unhappy,
Surrounded by so much happiness.

How do I feel so broken,
In a family so together.

How do I find myself,
When even I think I am a mistery?



Cafe Little Britain

A few months ago, a really nice blogger of Vienna mentioned this cute cafe called Cafe Little Britain to me. She told me it was a really nice place and that i would definitely love it.

Curious about this recommendation I decided to give a try and went there with a friend. The truth is, I really loved this place, it is a warm and cute Cafe/Tearoom in Vienna’s 2nd district, really close to the subway station Krieau (u2). As soon as you entered the place you feel really welcome and comfy,  the decoration was all in white and pastel tones and the girls working in there were very nice as well.

My friend and I were kind of hungry that day, so we decided to try some sandwich and bagel before eating dessert (which looked pretty delicious as soon as you cross the entry door). I ordered a Salami & cheese bagel and my friend ordered a tomato & mozzarella sandwich. Both of them were delicious!
For dessert we ordered a banana and caramel pie and a cherry pie and we didn’t regret our choices.

Little Britain Cafe is without a doubt , a place where I am coming back. Their food and prices were totally perfect for a student budget, so next time I will probably go for breakfast, they seemed to be exquisite as well.

If you decide to go to, don’t forget to share your experience with me! I would love to know if you liked it. 🙂

The quiet one

Being quiet doesn’t mean you don’t have anything to say, in fact, most of the time you have too many things to say but you don’t know exactly how to express it or how to open up to someone.


I have built myself as a closed-quiet person who doesn’t know how to express her thoughts. I somehow tend to isolate myself and don’t share any feelings with others. In some way, I feel your feelings and thoughts are not going to be important to the person you’ll like to open up to. Even with my friends, I tend not to talk too much about me and my crazy thoughts, but this actually only makes everything worst.


The last couple of days I have been feeling angry about a lot of stuff and instead of talking to someone I am being quiet and writing about it. I feel so anxious and sad and the fact that I can’t find the way to talk to someone it makes me sad. It is like a waste of time and energy and it makes me feel so tired of myself.


This is why I realized I  need some changes in my life, desperately, to go out of the awfulness that I am feeling this days and stop living  by others expectation.


Photos were taken at the Alte donau by me.

The old me and my new beginning

Have you ever find yourself wondering what is holding you back from the life you truly want to live?

I have to admit I have this good but also destructive thing where I think too much. Sometimes I over think every little problem until it becomes scarier or bigger than it actually is.


Even though, I consider myself a positive person -most of the time-, there are moments where I overthink the positive things until they stop looking so positive or moments where I tend to analyze and over analyze the things that happen to me, making it hard sometimes to enjoy the moment when they happen.


Overthinking can also be a great thing, I think the problem is when you start becoming a constant over thinker and begin to block and stress yourself of the things that happen to you or around you.  I know I overthink a lot, most of the time I try to stop thinking for a moment, but it does not always work.


I have so many dreams, goals and things I want to achieve and do, but somehow I have held myself back all this years from all the stuff I want, with the constant thinking and analyzing. Right now, I am trying to improve and add new habits to my daily life that would help me live a fearfless life, this blog is one of this ways to start having the life I want and stop overthinking.

Pure Living Bakery

The pure living bakery is a very nice place for drinking good coffees, eating delicious crumbles and bagels and just spending some quality time with friends. I’m really into sweet things and here you will find nice cakes and cookies.

As soon as you enter the place, it feels friendly and relaxed. The interior is an awesome, mixed, vintage place. I tried several sweet delights, from cakes and cupcakes to pies and milkshakes. All were excellent and the coffee is pretty good as well. They draw different shapes on the coffee foam, which is cute.

Pure Living Bakery is perfect to delve into a good book, take time out, contemplate the meaning of life, or just catch up with an old friend and simply enjoy a delicious treat.

The young guys and girls at the counter are super friendly. I have highly recommended this place to everybody and have been there with my friends often since I was there the first time.

If you have the chance to visit this coffee house, don’t forget to share your experience with me! 🙂

Casa Alberto

One of the things I love the most about social media is the facility you have to meet new people and to discover new places.  A few days ago, my boyfriend read on Facebook about a restaurant in Vienna called Casa Alberto. Even though, it is an Italian restaurant, people were mentioning it as one of the best (some said it was the best) Mexican restaurants in Vienna. Curious about this Italian /Mexican fusion we decided to give it a try and called to make a reservation.

Casa Alberto is located in the 4th district of Vienna and it is very easy to reach by subway. As soon as we entered the place, we felt very welcome. The interior of the restaurant is more Mexican than Italian, the service was prompt and friendly, but the best part, the food was amazing! The portions were generous and the prices were reasonable.

I will definitely visit this place again and I would recommend you to go if you are visiting the area. Of course, don’t forget to tell me about your experience.

“Enjoy life, is Delicious.”




A sunny day in Stadtpark

Yesterday I went to the famous Stadtpark, a public park between the 1st and 3rd district of Vienna. The Stadtpark is the biggest park in the center of the city and is visited by tourists and locals equally.

If you are looking for a place to take some pictures or relax this could be the perfect place for you!.


I consider this park a peaceful little paradise in the city. Stadtpark is a really quiet park, perfect to escape after work or after some walk around Vienna. Even though it is located between busy roads, you will have some quiet time in there. In the Stadtpark you can also find one of the most known and most frequently photographed monuments in Vienna, which is the Johann Strauß II bronze monument (I didn’t knew this before, a friend told me about it and i was really impressed).


Spring has finally arrived in Vienna and days are getting sunnier, so we decided to go and spend some hours at the park. One of my friends was very impressed by the size and quality of the park, she couldn’t believe how pretty it was. There were also a lot of people walking through the park or sitting on blankets enjoying sunny day.


If you have the chance to visit this park, don’t forget to share your experience with me! 🙂